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Prepare for your new garage door installation

Your new garage door has finally arrived!  The next step is to have it installed so you can start using it and you can benefit from everything that it has to offer.

However, you need to make sure that your home is ready for the installation that’s about to take place. Of course, you and your family need to be prepared as well. After all, a garage door is not a simple mechanism. So what steps do you need to take?

These are steps on how to prepare for your new garage door installation:

Step #1 – Move Your Vehicles Out of the Way

Your first step should be to move your vehicles out of the way. If you keep any of your vehicles in your garage, then you’ll need to move them out of the garage. 

You can move them out to the street or if there is still space on your driveway but just make sure that they’re far enough away. Doing this will allow the installers of your new garage door to back up their vehicle near the opening of your garage.

The installation crew will then have a lot of space to work with. They’ll get easy access to the area that’s around their truck and your car will be out of harm’s way as well.

Step #2 – Clear Out Your Garage

You just don’t need to move your car out of the way, you also need to make sure that you clear out your garage. Move things such as equipment, tools, trash bins, or other items out of the way or to one side of your garage.

Aim to at least have the front half of your garage empty. This will allow the installers to have ample space to work and will also ensure that the items that belong to you are not damaged at all.

Step #3 – Secure Your Kids and Pets From the Work Area

As we mentioned above, a garage door is not a simple mechanism. Installing a new one or removing or repairing an old one requires the use of heavy equipment. Needless to say, some of that heavy equipment could be dangerous.

So it becomes very important that you make sure that your kids and pets are secured and nowhere near the garage. The installation crew should be the only ones in your garage as they’re installing your new garage door.

Step #4 – Be Aware of the Updated Safety Policies

You need to be aware of the updated safety policies because of Covid-19. The installers of your garage door have likely updated their safety policies to adapt to the present health situation.

It’s important that you become familiar with that updated policy. You’d also need to tell the installers about any specific health concerns or restrictions that you might have before they arrive.

Step #5 – Prepare Questions for the Installers

Before the installers even arrive at your home, you better prepare some questions to ask them. The questions that you can ask them could be about proper maintenance, safety inspections, warranty, etc. Make sure to ask these questions before they leave your home.

The above tips on how to prepare for your new garage door installation should help you before the installers remove the old one and replace it with the new garage door of your choice. Contact your Garage Door Installation Azle TX.