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Common Problems With Summer Garage Doors

It’s obvious that we’re in the middle of summer, and the oppressive heat makes it simple to be so. The scorching heat and the dryness can cause a number of issues, not only to wildlife and humans but, also to inanimate objects such as the interior of your house. One of the most frequent victims of summer is the garage door. The heat and the humidity that goes with it won’t do the door of your garage any good things. It could cause security and safety concerns because of the heavy weight of the door and the numerous components that go into it.

What are the most likely issues and how do be they solved? Learn more about the most frequently encountered summer garage door problems and solutions for them:

Safety Sensors Malfunctioning

Security sensors will be installed on every garage door since they’re designed to recognize objects that pose a threat to the garage door as it is closing. They can stop objects or a person from being crushed when they reverse the garage door whenever they see something.

But, they may occasionally fail when they mistake direct sunlight as obstruction and causes doors to be opened for no reason. This issue can be fixed by installing eyeshades on the sensors. They can be purchased from the company that makes the sensors or you can build a DIY version out of cardboard or aluminum foil. Another alternative is to flip or adjust the sensors so that direct sunlight doesn’t damage them. Contact your Garage Door in Louisville KY

Noisy Garage Door

The sound of a noisy garage is an issue that is alarming as it may disturb the peace and tranquility that you’re supposed to enjoy at your home. The summer heat season can dry out the lubricants used on the tracks and any other parts that move with the door.

Insufficient lubrication may cause unusual sounds like scratching or grinding while the garage door operating. To avoid this problem ensure that crucial components like hinges, chain drive tracks, rollers, and many more, are properly lubricated using the right garage door lubricant, or lithium grease.

Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close Smoothly

It is possible that during the summer heat seasons the garage door isn’t closing or opening as smooth as it does normally. This is because of an expansion in the metal components, which causes them to shift out of alignment as they become stuck.

The answer is to ensure that the garage door’s crucial parts, including hinges, springs, tracks, and rollers are properly lubricated. Be sure to use an oil with high temperatures in the days before summer begins, and then apply it once every month.

Garage Door Fading

Another of the most frequently encountered problems with garage doors in the summer is the fading of garage doors. The garage door is typically exposed to direct sunlight, and this can make it fade.

To fix this problem Apply a fresh layer of exterior paint or an exterior stain finish. Apply this every year or whenever you begin realizing that your door is beginning to look worn out. It is also possible to use liquid wax to shield your door from direct sunlight as well as against other harmful elements.