Your garage door is supposed to be secure. It should help keep out anyone who is not supposed to be in your home. That’s one of its main purposes, after all. But is it capable of providing ample security for your home?

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Just because it’s closed and locked doesn’t mean that it’s already secure. It would be easy to think that it’s already burglar or intruder proof when you’ve locked it but you can’t be too sure. Burglars have their own ways of breaking into a garage.

Good thing there are different ways for you to upgrade the level of security of your grayson county garage door. Let’s take a look then at some of the top garage door security measures that you can adopt in your own home.


The first security measure we’ll talk about is also one of the simplest. You simply need to make sure that your garage door is shut. This should be one of the priorities when it comes to your garage door and most especially when you’re not at home. Always keep in mind to keep the door shut as it can be easy to forget, particularly when you’re in a rush to get somewhere or do something.


A nice security measure you can add to your list is getting a garage door timer. This is an excellent security measure for those who constantly forget to shut the garage door after going into the house. It’s also excellent for those who forget to close the door after they leave the house. 

If you’re one of those two or guilty of both, you’ll appreciate a timer. The device has variable settings that allow you to choose how long you want to wait before the garage door automatically shuts. This simple device can help improve security in a major way.


One other thing you can do is to secure your garage door opener. You can’t put it in a place that’s easily accessible to thieves or anyone who has bad intentions. An example of that is clipping the opener to your car’s visor.

If the opener is in a place where other people can easily get it, then that presents a danger to your family and home. What you must do is to take the necessary step of storing it safely inside your home. Make sure it’s attached to a keychain and hooked onto your purse or keys.


Thieves would like nothing less than to get a chance to look into your home and its contents. They would love to see the contents of your car or the valuables that are stored in your home. 

The solution is to block out the windows. To achieve this, you could either choose to go with frosting or blocking out the windows entirely. This will at least help keep people who don’t have nice intentions from getting interested in what can be found inside your home.


Lighting things up is definitely one of the top garage door security measures. The exterior part of your home, in particular, should be lit up so thieves will be discouraged to even come close. 

Motion-activated lights are the best option for this purpose. There is no need for you to leave the lights on all night or worry about needing to turn them off every morning. You can save on both energy and money. It will also be beneficial for the lightbulbs as it will extend their lifespan.